For the Love is a one hour film, telling the story of Todd and Brendan Wells, who grew up in a small town with a huge love for rivers and whitewater kayaking. Their quest begins at home in the pacific northwest, where they learned how to paddle, met their tight-knit community of kayakers, and began to push themselves and the sport of kayaking. The film also documents their travels around the world to magical destinations like Iceland, where they highlight some of the most creative and innovative athletes in the sport.

At the core of the Wells brother’s passion as paddlers is their love for exploring never-before-paddled rivers. The film follows the brothers and friends on their journeys to explore these uncharted rivers from Alaska to Ecuador. The brothers and their team met both failures and success on these missions to explore the unknown, getting rained out and stuck in the middle of the jungle to discovering a new classic Alaskan big-water river.

The film concludes with a creative story of the brother’s goal to show the world of kayaking in a whole new light. The film is told through the voices of Brendan and Todd, and the many friends who joined them along the way. 

From the filmmakers:

After we spent several years making videos for our online webisode series, we began dreaming about a larger, all-inclusive project. We enjoyed creating a variety of media for the online world, from whitewater shorts to environmental and commercial videos. But there has been a serious lull in full-length kayaking movies coming out in recent years, and we had the perfect opportunity to put all of our efforts into one grand project. Growing up, the kayaking videos that still sit on the shelf next to our DVD player were our inspiration to paddle everyday and travel the world in search of new rivers and cultures. Now it is our opportunity to add to the collection of kayaking films that inspired us, and encourage others to find their own love and connection to rivers and whitewater!