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About the Wells brothers. 

We grew up floating and exploring rivers throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, and in a lot of ways credit these experiences for the work we are producing today. These river experiences taught us about teamwork, relationships, problem solving, story telling, creativity, passion and most importantly having FUN -- some of the most important traits we find in our work today. 

As we became immersed in the world of whitewater kayaking (sorry for the scares mom and dad), we began to share our stories with others through writing, photography and films. This passion grew into a part time job and allowed us to spend more time in the wilderness doing what we love, while also telling environmental and conservation stories that mean a lot to us and the rivers we love. 

Since our first river trips at three months old and our first camcorder we got at ten years old, we've gained amazing experiences and knowledge working on small to larger scale video productions. But we keep finding the best stories being told and lasting relationships being bread from working with grassroots organizations, small companies and individuals with passion. As we think about the future, our goals are to inspire others to be activists creating positive change, encourage others to get out and explore the wild and immerse themselves in the natural world, and speak up to our leaders to promote decisions benefiting generations to come. 

We have always really liked working hard and accomplishing goals, and is probably why we like making films so much. The time in front of the computer is always made up for by the overnighters pulled to complete a project or get a single shot, hiking through the woods with fifty+ pounds of camera gear, or getting to spend weeks living in a tent down by the river. 

With so much amazing technology at our fingertips, everyone thinks they are top notch video producers. But if you think a video takes more than shooting a few hours of b-roll and lots of slow motion, then we should talk. While we love to utilize top-of-the-line production equipment and can get you epic slow-mo shots, more importantly we understand the massive amount of preliminary work that goes into a good video. We'll walk you through every step of pre-production and help you understand what will make your brand or message stand out among the thousands of other videos being released daily. We'll be there for you through the end, helping find or create the best graphics, music and even distribution platforms for your video. 

These are some of the amazing companies we've had the opportunity to work with that you may or may not have heard of before:

MMC Clients.jpg

These are some places you might have seen our recent work:

  • Red Bull TV Ultimate Rush episode "White Water Women" (2017) 
  • Outside Television "Liquid Lumination" (2016)
  • For the Love tour film screened at 15 theaters in major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada (2016) 
  • BANFF Mountain Film Festival World Tour (2016) with a segment from our film For the Love
  • Radical Reels Tour with a segment from our film For the Love  (2016)
  • Opening film - D.C. Adventure Film Festival (2016)
  • Boston Winter Film Festival screening of For the Love (2016) 
  • Kayak Session TV 5th place - Short Film of the Year Awards (Liquid Lumination) (2016)
  • The Melt Awards 1st place - Best Short Film (For the Love Teaser) (2015)
  • Red Bull Media House (France) - Nouria Newman Short Film (2015)

Meet the Mountain Mind Team HERE

We believe in keeping it simple. Although we like to use the latest gear and equipment, it is more important to know how to use them. Our production kit involves the smallest and lightest gear so we can go places where others can't. Our current production equipment includes a RED Raven, Sony A7S ii, Panasonic GH5, Canon L lenses, Ronin-M gimbal, DJI Inspire 2 and Mavic Drones, pro tripods and sliders, LED lighting kits, and wireless lav/boom mics. All cameras are capable of recording 4K resolution in slow motion and the RED camera and Inspire 2 Drone can record in RAW (for any of you vaguely savvy with camera specs).

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